FNF Fellowship

DurationAugust 2021 - Present
Target GroupYouth (18-29)
Locations:Across Jordan
Funded ByFNF

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) Fellowship

A memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreement was signed between Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) represented by the Regional Director, Mr. Dirk Kunze, and NasJo For Training (ILearn) represented by its Executive Director, Mr. Saddam Sayyaleh. The agreement seeks to enhance mutual cooperation in the field of youth empowerment and skills development in education.


Interns started their fellowship program with ILearn, starting August 1st, and they have been engaging with ILearn activities, to assist field coordinators with their work in Jerash, Deir A’lla, and Southern Shuna.

According to the fellowship program, interns are required to participate and engage with ILearn activities under ILearn’s supervision, and they are required to prepare a conceptual proposal at the end of the internship, to present an innovative social solution each wants to develop, based on their experience through dealing with the local community during the four months.

FNF fellowship program includes 120 participants from different governorates of Jordan, distributed over four pillars: economy, education, entrepreneurship, and environment. The program is provided with a mixture of face-to-face training, visual communication techniques, and several field visits, with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of the participants and providing them with the necessary knowledge for each of the four courses to come up with innovative and advanced ideas.