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With thousands of volunteers who have joined us throughout the years, we are continuously looking for more to join us on our impact-making journey.

Words From Volunteers

  • I became a volunteer with I Learn because I wanted to give something back to my community. It’s touching to see how simple things like doing theater can have such a positive impact on the kids. For example, there was this 13-year-old boy: When he started the programme, he was a loner and didn’t have any friends. Whenever we asked a question, he would be very hesitant to answer. But with time, we discovered he was really smart and that he had his own creative way of thinking. By now, he has made many friends and gained a lot of confidence. It was such a beautiful transformation – we picked him to become an I Learn Ambassador.

    Hiba (33)
    Volunteer in Baqa’a Camp
  • In our community, many parents don’t believe in school. They just see it as a place to put their children, to have someone look after them. At the same time, the schools here are no safe place for children: There is lots of bullying and violence. It’s not a good environment for education. As a volunteer, I learned how to share the knowledge that I have, for example my English skills. I even created my own project: I invite company managers and ministers to meet with the kids and answer their questions. Last time, we invited the Deputy Minister of Youth and this month, we have a journalist from Roya TV channel coming. It’s exciting, because normally, these two worlds would never meet.

    Osama (18)
    Volunteer in Jerash
  • I didn’t like team work before and I considered working by myself more useful and got better results, but my experience in I Learn made me change my mind and way of thinking toward the team work, I discovered that I can achieve more and get impressive results, I worked with a group of talented people love what they are doing for their community, especially children, I learned how I can deal with children, how I can make them listen to me. I Learn is a creative approach, what makes me sure of that? When I saw the children using the knowledge they gained through cycle in their daily lives and how this effect in their personalities.

    Majd (16)
    The Youngest Volunteer in I Learn Jerash

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