About I Learn

A closer look at our organization

Investing in the power of young people
to lead the way forward

ILearn is a NasJo For Training initiative that started out of the most vulnerable areas in Jerash as an initiative in 2012. ILearn inspires positive behavioral change among young people through empowering local partners and the development of knowledge spaces that encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual growth, and critical thinking among children and youth. 

Our Story

The ILearn initiative was launched in 2012 as a response to the lack of educational opportunities and learning spaces in underserved communities. Saddam Sayyaleh and a group of young people who have experienced hardships and inequalities first-hand decided to come together and try to address some of these issues themselves.


The group started to informally work with disadvantaged children on a volunteer basis with the support of community-based organizations, parents, and caregivers, and the community as a whole and that is when they started to see some positive results for both the children and youth. After a few trials and errors, the model for the initiative emerged. The model assists at-risk children and youth to bridge a gap caused by the socio-economic and educational challenges and helps to address the weaknesses in underserved communities. 


The initiative was formally registered as Nasjo for Training, a non-for-profit company in 2018.

Our Model

We believe that community engagement and a self-sustainable approach can be best found in the community itself. The strength of our model is a product of the engagement of community-based organizations (CBOs), young volunteers and caregivers, and teachers to create a positive and safe environment for children to learn, experiment, and express themselves freely.  

Our Space

In partnership with the CBO, I Learn establishes an inclusive and safe Knowledge Space that promotes creativity and innovations and mobilizes the support of the communities to receive children. The Space is operated and managed by the CBO and youth volunteers who receive coaching and training by ILearn. ILearn ensures continued involvement of youth alumni, who become the community role models, to train the newly recruited youth volunteers to foster knowledge sharing. The Space offers ILearn interactive learning activities and training for children (10-14 years old). The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable structure to motivate children, who are at risk of dropping out of formal education, with inspiration and motivation to continue their learning journey.

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