Community Development

1. Approach

The overarching goal of the I Learn is to impact the community as a whole through an integrated   and engaging grassroots approach. We believe in giving the local members of the community the capacity and space to address the needs facing their own community, as they are ultimately the experts of their own situation.

Through community consultation and by engaging local community members we are able to tailor our programs to their specific needs and empower new local leaders. Our outreach programs and campaigning focus on attracting local participants while listening to the feedback of the community.

By empowering the communities’ young individuals, we are creating future leaders by giving them the capabilities and the space to increase their agency. Life skills such as entrepreneurship, foreign language, programming, and creative thinking allow for greater employment opportunities, increasing the economic means of disenfranchised individuals and ultimately their community. Simultaneously critical thinking and women’s empowerment in a safe space allow these individuals to transmit these ideas to the community and disrupt harmful societal patterns.

2. Components

Raising  Awareness: Integrated into our programs we host workshops and trainings that raise the awareness on issues such as women’s and children’s rights, that can disrupt negative social patterns and empower the most vulnerable community members.

Employment Skills: We host workshops that teach entrepreneurship and digital knowledge that are crucial for the economic development of disenfranchised and rural communities. By collaborating with local partners we create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes stronger integration between businesses and the community with greater opportunities, economic as well as social.

Literacy and Numeracy: We offer courses to community members, such as women and high school dropouts, who lack basic reading, writing, and numeric proficiency. By targeting these people, most at risk of poverty, we increase their capabilities to realize their true potentials, benefitting them and society alike.