Child Development

1. Approach

The children of disenfranchised communities are often its most vulnerable members. One of our core principles are innovation, meaning that we employ teaching methods that nurtures self-esteem and creative self-learning that allow access to the basic rights that children should enjoy.

With the help of volunteers and caregivers from the community, we are able to, through our informal education, form a safe and creative learning environment. Our methods include elements of teaching through art, recreational activities, and academic support.

These methods influence the self-esteem and confidence in the value of education of our participants by showing that knowledge can indeed be reached by fun and creative means. Further meaningful life skills are also attained while greater psychosocial well-being is promoted within the safety of our learning environment.

2. Components

Language through creativity: Our interactive teaching methods focus on teaching english through the use of art, dance, and music, among other things, that foster a fun and collaborative environment. Not only are the methods more effective but also values the inherent creativity of children while promoting psychosocial well being.

Programming: In a rapidly modernizing world, I Learn aim to fill the gap of formal education by teaching children the skills necessary to succeed in the future. In collaboration with our partners we offer digitalized courses that teach valuable skills within STEM subjects in a creative and innovative way.

Art: By bringing facilitators with artistic backgrounds through our Visitor Volunteer Program we are able to host workshops and projects that teach design and creative thinking. The workshops allow the children to express their emotions in a safe and responsible environment that promotes their mental and physical well-being.