About Us

Who we are

I Learn is a non-profit initiative that employs a community-based approach to empower youth and children in disenfranchised communities. Through informal education, youth volunteerism, and global partnerships we seek to establish safe spaces that encourage innovation, intellectual growth, and critical thinking.

We believe that a long-term strategy for community development is best found in the community itself. By initiating young volunteers into our framework we are able to establish ourselves in disenfranchised communities and reach out to local educators and role models. In-turn the local network of leaders are trained in our methodology of informal education and psycho-social support for children in particular.

By following this grassroots approach we aim to build self-sustaining entities where the former participants become the next generation of volunteer educators and community leaders. Our goal is to eventually create an independent entity, knowing that it is in the good care of driven local leaders working for the improvement of their own community to disrupt harmful patterns from within.